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Find out more about ECEBC's position on various topics surrounding the Early Childhood Education Sector including the Scope of Work of ECEBC.

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The Role of the Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia

View ECEBC's position paper on the Role of the Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia. We are grateful for the guidance, collaboration, and comments provided by the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society. This position paper is a visionary document that disrupts and reinvents the traditional language of early childhood education. In doing so, it is intended to shift dominant narratives of early education and inspire thoughtful dialogues with early childhood educators about the lively potentialities of their evolving role.

ECEBC calls for Integrating the Early Childhood Education Professional and Programs into the Ministry of Education

View ECEBC's position paper on integrating the early childhood education professional and programs in to the ministry of education that was developed in collaboration with the support and guidance of the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC, and the BC Early Years Pedagogy Network.

This position paper builds on the pioneering research, policy recommendations, and advocacy work behind the broadly supported Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning - known as the $10aDay Plan (ECEBC & CCCABC, 2019).

View the news post which includes an open letter to the honourable Premier John Horgan. 

Clarifying The Scope Of the Work of ECEBC

Publicly Funded & Publicly Accountable 

Quality child care depends on quality educators. BC’s early childhood educators are highly skilled and have specialized education. They are equipped to provide the high quality, play-based child care that is critical for children’s social, emotional and cognitive development during their early years.

By supporting a publicly funded system, all children in BC will have equitable access to quality early childhood educators.

ECEBC supports a publicly funded system which includes a range of service delivery models, all of which must be publicly accountable for the funds they receive. This includes fair compensation and working conditions for all early childhood educators.

ECEBC represents and supports early childhood educators who work in a variety of settings including, but not limited to childcare programs, preschools, post secondary institutions, StrongStart BC programs, supported child development, family child care, multi-age child care and public schools all of which operate under different auspices.

In order to advance the quality and professionalism of the early care and learning sector, ECEBC remains committed:

  1. To advance education by providing scholarships, bursaries, awards and other forms of financial assistance to students undertaking post secondary studies in early childhood education and care.
  2. To advance and provide professional development opportunities in early childhood education across the province through workshops, conferences and seminars.
  3. To educate and inform the public about early childhood education and care.
  4. To engage in the research, development and dissemination of educational resources in early childhood education.

ECEBC Position Paper

To view the position paper in its entirety please download the PDF below.

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