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For Students

ECEBC strives to support ECE students en route to their profession by providing leadership and professional support. We see students as an important part of the of the early care and learning sector as they bring new growth and energy. Also, as all ECE’s do, students as having an important leadership role for our profession, children, families, and communities. In part with their education, we can complement the teaching you are providing.

Find out more about what ECEBC provides and as well as ECEBC's Sue Fraser Student Award.

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Membership Benefits For Students

View components of the member services we provide & how they can be beneficial for students entering into the ECE field.

Provides educational and professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Provides educational development through workshops and inspiring keynote speakers. Conference now offers Leadership day, an event focused on supporting and sustaining leadership in early childhood education.

A publication with contributions from ECE’s with multiple experiences in the sector. Students are welcomed and encouraged to contribute articles to the publication.

The CCCF is committed to best practice in early childhood, providing practitioners in Canada with the very best in early learning and child care knowledge. As part of their educations offering students receive 4 issues annually of the professional journal – Interaction and access to their Professional Development Resources in the Members Only section. Excellent resources to access for school assignments.

Members receive reduced fees for ECEBC professional development opportunities.‚Äč

A network is a source of knowledge and experience that can be instrumental in helping students succeed in their career. They can be incredibly helpful in assisting with future career paths, mentorship and coaching as well as a place to exchange ideas such as pedagogical approaches and ways to advocate for their profession and families they work for.

Networking with your Local ECEBC Branch

ECEBC has branches throughout the province where members are welcome to meet colleagues and network with professionals. Branches plan involvement in community activities such as Child Care Month and other events involving children, families, care givers and the broader community. It provides them with an opportunity to meet with other ECEs and encourages, empowers and support ECE students to become involved locally and/or provincially

ECEBC's Sue Fraser Student Award

The ECEBC Sue Fraser Student Award recognizes the importance of ECE students to the early care and learning sector.

Learn more about the award and its criteria on the awards page.

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