Standing Strong Together

Cohort 1

(2009 to 2010)

Find out more about the wide variety of projects carried out during Cohort 1 of the Leadership Inititiative and view a slideshow of the leadership showcase.

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"Early childhood educators are ready to create the collective leadership we need to give a strng and confident message about our professional value and worth to the broader community"

~ Kim Atkinson, Victoria

Early childhood educator holding a young child - both wearing green shirts

Cohort 1 Projects

  • A Child Friendly Community

    Prince Rupert

    The Prince Rupert leadership project team focused on having Prince Rupert declare itself a child-friendly community and integrate child friendly policies into its community plan.
  • Creating Connections

    Campbell River

    The Campbell River leadership project team established a leadership / mentoring forum that set the stage for a future video that paints a new picture of the work of ECEs in the region.
  • Cultural & Language Empowerment

    Seabird Island, Agassiz

    The Seabird Island leadership project team engaged the community, Elders Chief and Council, and Cultural Committee to determine what was important for young children and to learn more about how the holistic needs of young children were met traditionally.
  • Early Childhood Educators - Discover Our Team


    The Sorrento leadership project team targeted local schools, parents, and other community members to highlight the importance of early childhood education to every child’s development and to create enthusiasm about the possibilities in the field of early childhood education.
  • Fostering Your Gifts

    Okanagan Branch

    The Okanagan Branch leadership project team showcased and shared early childhood educators' skills, talents, and strengths with families, each other, and the broader community.
  • Images of Learning


    The Victoria leadership project team used pedagogical narrative as a tool to create a travelling exhibit called the Images of Learning to make visible the competencies of children and the specialized knowledge of ECE's. They also developed workshops, website and blog.
  • Public Awareness Activities & Early Childhood Educators Retreat

    Pemberton, Mt. Currie & D'Arcy

    The Pemberton, Mt. Currie & D'Arcy leadership project team organized public awareness activities for Child Care Month in May and organized a retreat to celebrate and value the work of ECEs in the area.
  • Salmon Speaks

    West Kootenay

    The West Kootenay leadership project team shared children's perspectives on community issues to change the community's view of children as "innocents" to that of important members of their community. They created a website to show children involved in thoughtful discussions and coming up with powerful insights into difficult human issues.

The following projects were also carried out in Cohort 1:

  • ECE Voice
    Sunshine Coast
    The Sunshine Coast leadership project team developed and delivered workshops on leadership and helped ECEs develop a stronger voice to communicate the important role of ECEs in society.

  • Leadership Within Culture
    Lower Post, Daylu Dena Council 
    The Lower Post leadership project team integrated traditional knowledge and culture at Ts'Udane Kq Day Care Centre by engaging parents, Elders, and community members, and involved ECEs in organizing language and culture through the Elders and community members.

Cohort 1 Leadership Showcase

By Christine Buttkus. Photos by Shawn Nygren 
View the images below or download the Cohort 1 Leadership Showcase PDF (43Mb)

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