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The leading child care app for family communication and engagement.

ECEBC is exploring new opportunities to support our members. This has led to engaging with Storypark as their purpose and values align closely with ECEBCs. This partnership enhances access for members to the Storypark platform.

Storypark makes it easy for your early childhood program to enhance quality practice, improve family engagement, and empower your team.


The platform supports outcomes in line with the BCELF, helping you to:

  • Support play-based, inquiry-based early learning contexts.
  • Facilitate a more holistic process with children and adults working together
  • Support children with diverse abilities and needs.
  • Personalize professional development and enhance the sense of belonging for your educators.
  • Storypark complies with B.C's security and privacy laws, is trusted by early learning services across Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and was founded with a philosophical approach that aligns with play-based, child-centric work.

Storypark is free for ECEBC members working in Indigenous communities and their families. Additionally, this offer is available to ECEBC members working with vulnerable populations.

All other ECEBC members receive an exclusive member offer of 3 months free.

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