Standing Strong Together

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Standing Strong Together

When you join ECEBC you add your voice to the thousands of professional friends and colleagues throughout BC. The more voices ECEBC represents, the stronger position we have to educate and advance the rights and needs of early childhood educators, children and families.

Fill out the form below to apply for or renew your ECEBC membership. 

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Membership Types

Please click on the membership categories below for information on the different types, prices and required documentation to submit with your application. Monthly payments are available for Full & Associate Members when paying online. 

Full Member

Has Early Childhood Educator’s Certificate to Practice from the provincial government’s ECE Registry. Eligible to vote on provincial issues at ECEBC’s Annual General Meeting.

Copy of Certificate

$115 per year
(or $9.58 monthly for 12 months).

Associate Member

Holds post-secondary certification in a related field, or has been a full member of ECEBC and is now retired from the ECE field, or is currently employed in the early childhood field and is in good standing with the Provincial Community Care Facilities Branch.

Copy of operating license or a certificate to practice as an Assistant ECE, or a letter indicating background and motivation for becoming a member

$100 per year
(or $7.92 monthly for 12 months).

Student Member

Is in the process of becoming professionally qualified in the field of early childhood or is in the process of completing 500 hours of work experience.

Proof of enrollment as a student such as a copy of a student card or school registration form.

$50 per year

Mailing Address

Please note: Monthly payment options are only available for the Full & Associate membership types when paying online.


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