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Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer-Mentoring Program established by Thompson Rivers University’s Professor Doctor Laura Doan, and in partnership with ECEBC will be receiving $1.4 million from an anonymous donor over 3 years. In addition, ECEBC has received $500,000 from the Ministry of Children and Family Development to further enhance the program over the 3 years.


The Peer-mentoring program started in Kamloops in 2018 as a pilot project and ended in 2020 with 17 peer-mentoring groups across BC. The Peer-Mentoring program, by partnering with ECEBC envisions that this funding will expand the network and increase the impacts of peer-mentoring. The purpose of this project is to support the ongoing professional development needs of both new and experienced Early Childhood Educators. It specifically aims to expand the current infrastructure of support for Early Childhood Educators to slow the number of ECEs who leave the field. Educators will help each other navigate their work lives while providing that much-needed support making ‘peer-mentoring a foundational part of B.C’s early childhood education landscape”. This program aims to leave a legacy for Early Childhood Educator's experiences and how communities of practice can support the ongoing professional identity needs of Early Childhood Educators.

After the first year of funding, the Peer Mentoring Program, in partnership with ECEBC had 15 Communities of Practices, with 20 facilitators and up to 200 educators across BC. As we move into the second year of the Peer Mentoring Program, there will be an additional 10 Communities of Practice created, with a total of 25 CoPs including an all-Indigenous CoP from interior BC. 

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We are pleased to see recognition of the need for supports for early childhood educators, especially finding a way where they can help each other to build their resiliency and retain them in the profession.

~ Emily Gawlick
Executive Director, ECEBC

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