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The Early Childhood Educator is a publication of ECEBC and is distributed to its members four times yearly. Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ECEBC.

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Fall 2021 Journal

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Focus: Early Childhood Pedagogy Network

  • 5 | Pedagogy and Pedagogists in Early Childhood Education
    Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw and Kathleen Kummen
  • 8 | “The Doorway Has Been Opened”: The First Nations Pedagogies Network
    Danielle Alphonse, Leona Antoine, Cathy Balatti, Graham Giles, Chelsey Hardy, Charmayne Nikal, Áurea Vericat Rocha, & Elizabeth Williams
  • 11 | Encountering Place Through Photographic Inquiry
    Courtney Amber, April Martin-Ko, Golda Lewin, Shenuri Nugawila, and Maryam Naddaf​​​​​​​
  • 13 | Reimagining Possibilities for Early Childhood Education with Fabric and Thread
    Teresa Smith, Frances Smyth, Kim Smith, Amy Wesley, and Veronica Maclean​​​​​​​
  • 17 | Pedagogical Work in Large Centres: Interweaving Macro and Micro Practices
    Anita Galvin, Jiyeon Kim, Karen Samuel Boley, and Leigh Kweon
  • 20 | Pedagogical Narrations: Beginning, Listening, Questioning
    Samantha Wylie, Sara Ashley, Janet Lacroix, Kristin Webster, and Chivonne Graff
  • 23 | Meeting Materials: Stories of Relationship
    Chelsea Hann, Gloria Albarracin, Kirsten MacDougall Seiler, and Patti McDougall
  • 27 | The Work of the Post-Secondary Institution Pedagogist: Crafting Educational Spaces and Relations that Create Conditions for Collective Acts
    Karen Liska, Lesley Henderson, Bo Sun Kim, and Adrienne Argent
  • 32 | Ten Years In: Working with Pedagogists at University of Victoria Child Care Services
    B. Denise Hodgins, Narda Nelson, Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck, and Kim Ainsworth

Columns, News, Letters & Updates

  • 1 | In This Issue
  • 3 | From the Chair— Why Listening Matters and How Our Questions Can Help Us Learn
    Violet Jessen​​​​​​​
  • 37 | ECEBC Membership Form

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