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The Early Childhood Educator is a publication of ECEBC and is distributed to its members four times yearly. Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ECEBC.

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Spring 2021 Journal

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Focus: How Has The Pandemic Changed Early Childhood Education?

  • 6 | An Exploration Into the Impact of Big-World Events on the Development of Children
    Sarah Doan
  • 11 | Zoom: How It Has Changed Our Lives
    Natalie Lucas, Alison Salo, and Samantha Zaytsoff
  • 13 | The Pandemic and Outdoor Play
    Heather Wilson
  • 14| Online Learning: Reflections on My Experience (Past and Present)
    Ocean Kneeland


  • 10 | Transformation in Early Childhood Education: Gradual Movements of Becoming
    Chelsea Hann
  • 20 | Mentorship as a Strategy to Address Recruitment and Retention in the Early Years Sector
    Laura K. Doan and Charlene Gray
  • 26 | Shifts in Professional Learning: How Mentorship Supports Thinking Together in Communities of Practice
    Nicky Byres, Jacqueline Ewonus, Lisa Nicholson, and Jennifer Vanderberg
  • 28 | Spring Has Sprung
    Kathy Sager and Tanya Makasoff
  • 30 | Re-searching Early Childhood Pedagogies: A Blog Co-composed by VIU ECEC Students, Faculty, and Community Member
    Antje Bitterberg and Cheryl Cameron
  • 34 | ECE Profile—From ECE to Children’s Book Author: An Interview with Doreen Funk

Columns, News, Letters & Updates

  • 1 | In This Issue
  • 3 | From the Chair— In This Liminal Space We Live: Image of the Early Childhood Educator in COVID Times
    Violet Jessen
  • 5 | ECEBC News and Announcements
  • 37 | ECEBC Membership Form

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