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ECEBC's Leadership Initiative

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Delivery of the Leadership Initiative is part of ECEBC’s strategic focus on increasing the standard of practice and professionalism in the sector.

Developing professional leadership skills, enables individual ECE’s to fully embrace the awareness that the work they do is valuable and worthy of respect. It also enables them to use that capacity to raise awareness of the value of their work and sector to the broader community.

Join us in creating an ECE Culture of Leadership.

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The program delivery includes: online learning using webcast and group work within local community and cohort. In some cases, face-to-face learning can be facilitated for groups of 10 or more, please contact ECEBC for more information (

Participating ECEs may be eligible to receive discounted leadership coaching upon successful completion of Module 5 to assist in customizing their future leadership development. Application forms and more details will be provided during module 5.

The modules will guide Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) to tie the content back into their own leadership goals in their local communities.

Leadership Modules

Building on feedback from Phase One of the Leadership Initiative, ECEBC created a new program with six modules. The topics are:

  1. Engaging your community: Identifying & activating constituents and building relationships.
  2. Embracing conflict.
  3. Framing messages and presentation skills.
  4. Media.
  5. Coaching and mentoring.
  6. Advocacy.

Each of the six modules have reflective practice, the ECEBC Code of Ethics, and quality embedded into the content and related activities.

Application Process

ECEs will complete an application and intake process to help ECEBC’s education team provide support and maximize success based on individual and group goals. Participants will need to identify a local ECE leader to support them in their development.


Rates for the full program are $400 for ECEBC Provincial Members and $500 for non-members. Individuals needing financial support may contact ECEBC to discuss options available. Some funding may be available.


Upon successful completion, the program is eligible for professional development credit based on 48 hours of learner effort (18 hours of classroom plus individual and group activity hours). It is expected that learners will apply formal learning content in a virtual community of practice.

Leadership Initiative Background

Our work on the Leadership Initiative began in 2007 when we entered into a partnership with Vancity Community Foundation. With funds the Foundation received from BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, we agreed to work with VanCity to develop a ‘Professional Development’ Program.

From the start, we wanted to make sure that the funds were used to make a unique and creative contribution to ‘professional development’. And, we wanted to make sure that our work would leave a legacy for Early Childhood Educators for years to come.

So, after a year of listening, reflecting and learning from and with others – we agreed that it was time to focus on ‘leadership’. We heard that, as important as the leadership we demonstrate in our practice with children and staff is, our field is ready to create the collective leadership we need to take a strong and confident message about our professional value and worth to the broader community.

Background Documents

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