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young children playing outdoors with trucks with an early childhood educator

Learning Stories Media Project

Mar 1, 2018

Early Childhood Educators Cari Rawling and Friday Bailey invite you to join in an advocacy and education campaign to promote the skill and knowledge of early care and learning professionals.

This will demonstrate the critical value of early care and education for young children.

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2018 ECEBC Conference

Mar 1, 2018

SAVE THE DATE! ECEBC's 47th Annual Conference is May 3, to 5th, 2018. We look forward to this opportunity for further educational development, connection and engagement.

Find out more.

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2017 ECEBC Conference

Mar 8, 2017

SAVE THE DATE! ECEBC's 46th Annual Conference is May 4, to 6th, 2017. 

Find out more about the conference including hotel booking information, the travel bursary application, schedule and more.

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2016 ECEBC Conference

Mar 7, 2016

SAVE THE DATE! ECEBC's 45th Annual Conference is May 5, to 7th, 2016. 

Find out more about the conference including the detailed schedule, volunteer opportunities, advertising opportunities and more.

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