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Position Paper: Clarifying the scope of the work of ECEBC

ECEBC will strive to articulate positions that can sometimes be controversial however these positions will always be consistent with the organization’s mission and vision.

Since 1969 ECEBC has worked to advance the quality and professionalism of early care and learning. As part of our ethical responsibility to the profession, we strategically commit our time and resources to educating the sector and community by, investigating, and promoting the development of strong public policies and best practices that are based in research and evidence.

Dear ECEBC Members,
Many activities and announcements have been made since Government has started to implement Childcare BC. Since this time ECEBC has been informing government of the immense feedback you have been sending us. As well, we have also been actively addressing other concerns, questions and ideas that have come forward.
ECEBC has prepared a briefing note addressing the concerns we have found in response to the BC Child Care Owners Association, Six steps to immediately resolve the concerns inherent in the BC NDP 2018/2019 child care plan.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at executive.director@ecebc.ca.



Why We Urge Child Care Providers to Opt In to the New Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative:
A Joint Statement by the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and Early Childhood Educators of BC March 8, 2018. Download the statement HERE.

ECEBC is pleased to announce that the ECE Student Bursary Program will run for the Summer 2018 semester (May to August, 2018). Applications are available below.

ECE student bursary:

During the summer of 2014, the Early Childhood Educators of BC received funding from the Ministry of Children and Family Development to establish a bursary fund for students enrolled in early childhood educational programs. To respond to identified needs, priority will be given to:

• Aboriginal students,
• Students attending early childhood educational programs with an Aboriginal focus,
• Students working to achieve an infant/toddler educator designation, and 
• Students working to achieve a special needs educator designation.

All students registered for ECE courses during the Summer 2018 semester (May to August) at an approved training institution are encouraged to apply. Students will be able to apply for up to $300 per course, to a maximum of $1,500 per semester.

Eligible applicants must be enrolled at an approved educational institution in an ECE program, with priority given to Aboriginal students, or students enrolled in ECE programs with an Aboriginal focus, or working to achieve an infant/toddler educator designation, or working to achieve a special needs educator designation.

To determine if the post-secondary institution you are or will be attending is an approved educational institution, please view the Ministry of Children and Family Development's list at:

ECE bursary program:
 The Summer 2018 Bursary application is available HERE
Please note applications are due at the ECEBC Provincial Office by no later than 5:00pm, June 27, 2018. Transcripts will be due September 5, 2018 at 5:00pm.
• Click HERE for ECEBC's student bursary policy

Do you need support with the bursary application?

ECEBC hosted a webinar showcasing our popular ECE Student Bursary program via webinar.

Heather Hazel, Office Manager and administrator of the bursary program, highlighted the tenets of the semester-based bursary program, walked attendees through the application process and answered callers questions.

This webinar is useful for ECE students, potential ECE students, program administrators, and instructors to learn how to apply for the student bursary program and can be watched HERE

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!The Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia (ECEBC) has been advancing early childhood education and care since 1969. ECEBC is the collective voice to advance professional and personal commitment to the value of early care and learning by empowering the sector through education, collaboration and leadership.

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May is Child Care Month in BC
Download the Child Care BC Strategy here.

Watch this space for upcoming events

Due to technical difficulties payment cannot be taken through the website at this time. Please call Rose or Shawn at 604-709-6063 to make payments for workshops and memberships.

ECEBC Terrace Branch is offering a sponsorship for ECEBC's upcoming Leadership Program.

Click HERE for more information

Download the application HERE

For more information about ECEBC's Leadership Program and to apply, please click HERE.

Dynamic You Program
August 20 - September 30, 2018



November 1 - 15, 2018



If you missed Professor Peter Moss’s presentation ‘Loris Malaguzzi and the Schools of Reggio Emilia: Telling an alternative narrative about early childhood education’ on June 14th, 2018, the recording is now available: 


Learning Stories Media Project

Early Childhood Educators Cari Rawling and Friday Bailey invite you to join in an advocacy and education campaign to promote the skill and knowledge of early care and learning professionals.

This will demonstrate the critical value of early care and education for young children.


ECEBC Members Only Call
Appetite to Play
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Join Sana Fakih from Appetite to Play.  Participants will learn more about Appetite to Play's resources and share with ECE colleagues how we can enhance nutrition and physical activity in our environments.  Join us for a discussion about what supports you need to further integrate these materials and concepts into your programs and your work with staff as role models for children and supports for families. 

Sana Fakih is the Provincial Lead for Early Years Health & Wellness at Child Health BC. She works on health promotion and prevention initiatives for children 0-5 years on a provincial level. One of her main projects currently is managing the Appetite to Play initiative, a BC program aimed at building the capacity of early years providers to promote and encourage physical literacy and food literacy in their early years settings (preschools, daycares, parent participation programs and other early years settings for children 0-5 years) . Her background is in Education and Public Health.


If you missed conference 2017, this keynote presentation from Conference 2017 provides some tips about how adjust mindsets,  reduce stress and seize opportunities.  Unstoppable ECEBC Leaders:  More Belief! More Hope!  More Bold! (Conference 2017). Stuart Ellis-Myers aka ‘Twitchy’. A great video as we move toward Mental Health Week in Canada on May 7th.


ECEBC Provincial Call
BC Budget - Gaining a deeper understanding of Child Care BC.
March 14, 2018


On this call Honourable Katerina Chen, Minister of State for Child Care, Jonathan Barry, Executive Director, Provincial Services, Ministry of Children and Family Development,

ECEBC's Executive Director, Emily Gawlick and ECEBC’s President Charlene Gray, provides information for a deeper understanding of the key elements of the 2018 Provincial Budget Announcement.

Minister Chen gives an overview of Budget 2018 that directly referred to a path to universal child care.

ECEBC Provincial Call
ECEBC 2018 Budget Analysis
February 27, 2018

ECEBC’s Executive Director and President discuss and answer questions regarding Budget 2018.

Emily Gawlick and Charlene Gray were joined by Minister of State for Child Care Katrina Chen who spoke to Child Care BC Caring For Kids, Lifting Up Families - The Path to Universal Child Care.


ECEBC Provincial ‘Members Only’ Call
January 17, 2018


Speaking with Government
Patti Bacchus, Broadbent Institute Board Member and Former Vancouver School Board Chair shares with members how to engage with elected officials.

ECEBC Provincial 'Members Only' Call 
November 15, 2017


Pat Wege, Executive Direct of the MCCA  shares with us “What is a Market Competitive Salary Guideline Scale", how it is used and the current scale for 2016-2017.

The Manitoba Child Care Association has developed a research based Market Competitive Salary Guideline Scale for Early Learning and Child Care Centres (MCSGS) to help centres establish a balanced, fair scale for their employees; to help standardize wages across the province; and to use as an advocacy tool with government to secure better funding to help boost wages. MCCA contracted with People First HR Services to analyze the education, skills, abilities required of core positions, and recommend salary ranges that would be competitive with other jobs that require similar training and responsibility. It answers the long-standing question of “how much should an ECE earn?"

Pat Wege is the Executive Director of the Manitoba Child Care Association. MCCA is a non-profit, membership-funded, non-partisan organization. Their mission is to advocate for a quality system of child care, to advance early childhood education as a profession, and to provide services to their members.

ECEBC Provincial ‘Members Only’ Call
May 18, 2017


Impact and Strategic Clarity
ECEBC’s Executive Director, Emily Mlieczko shared with members the work ECEBC has been doing these past 7 months with the Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity module. This work has helped us examine ECEBC's current efforts and gain greater clarity on:

- What impact we aim to achieve
- How we will achieve it
- How we will measure success

After watching this video of webinar you are invited to send an email to the office with input on:

  • Will our strategies or activities lead to the desired outcome?
  • Is anything missing?
  • Are these the necessary and sufficient activities?
  • Other stakeholders will answer similar and different questions.

    Please help us to dig deeper on the future direction of ECEBC. This work is very important as we move forward as your provincial organization.

    Comments and feedback can be sent to: snygren@ecebc.ca

  • ECEBC Provincial 'Members Only' Call 
    Thursday, January 19, 2017
    6:00-7:15 pm 

    Children and Screen Time
    From TV’s to smart phones children are exposed to a variety of screens from an early age. Most recent studies suggest that children should be limited if any screen time at all. 

    Join us on this call, with other members, as an opportunity to explore and understand the impact of screen time with young children. 

    There will also be an opportunity to discuss as educators the use of technology and how that has been evolving. Bring you questions and experiences how you might be using technology for communication with families, accessing support, system management and documentation and other areas related to your practice.


    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

    ECEBC Members Only Call
    November 17, 2016

    Lockdown Drills: Are they necessary?
    As early learning and care professionals, part of our role in licensed programs is to prepare children for emergencies and other unexpected occurrences without frightening them. This membership call explored these issues with Rika Lange - Senior Child Care Licensing Officer of Vancouver Coastal Health and Glenda Burrow - ‎Senior Child Care Licensing Officer/North Shore at Vancouver Coastal Health who shared their insights on this topic.

    Click here to watch the video

    Are you interested in having extended benefits for yourself and/or family?

    ECEBC is excited to announce a new extended benefits package through Health Source Plus for all ECEBC provincial members to access.

    To access the most competitive rates, we will need as many people as possible to complete the employee information form here. Please click here for a no obligation free quote. Note that all information will be kept confidential by Health Source Plus and will only be used to provide a quote for us.

    ECEBC has been advancing early childhood education and care since 1969.This fast paced organization constantly strives to remain current and responsive to current trends in our sector and continuously looks for opportunities to enhance services to its Members.

    Please share with your early care and learning colleagues and networks.

    November 20 is National Child Day, and ECEBC is inviting communities and elected officials to reflect and take action to improve children’s rights in British Columbia. View ECEBC’s media release here

    The Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC), your professional association is working hard to bring our members products and service benefits that meet your needs and help you save money. As a member of ECEBC you now have access to an exclusive insurance programme for your licensed child care centre.  We are pleased to announce the partnership between ECEBC and Magenta Insurance Professionals.  Please contact them for a no obligation quotation or use the attached quote request form here. More information about Magenta Insurance can be found here.

    ECEBC Media Release: British Columbians Understand the Daunting Realities Facing Families Who Need Child Care Access to Regulated Facilities Would Be a Direct Benefit of a Provincial Child Care System

    ECEBC Media Release: How Is the Child Care Crisis Affecting the Early Childhood Education Sector?

    Women Transforming Cities has prepared a Child Care statement as part of its HotPinkPaper Campaign in time for next month’s municipal elections.  
    View their statement here.

    ECEBC Media Release: Where Are Children Going During the Labour Dispute Between the BC Government and Teachers?

    The ECEBC Leadership virtual library contains a sampling of materials created by Community of Innovation project participants, Leadership alumni and ECEBC.The collection is updated on an ongoing basis. Click here to access the library.

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    ECE Registry
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