The Summer Bursary session is now open! This session cover courses that start or end between May – August 2019.
As a reminder transcripts for the Winter Bursary Session are due May 31, 2019.

ECEBC is proud to offer two bursary programs  for BC ECE students and professionals. 

The Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC), in partnership with the Province of British Columbia, has enhanced and expanded the ECE Bursary Program, now known as the ECE Education Support Fund. This new program contains two funding programs:

  1. The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Student Bursary Program; and
  2. The new ECE Workforce Development Bursary Fund Program

These programs are designed to increase the number of students entering, re-establishing and graduating from recognized ECE post-secondary programs. For a list of post-secondary education ECE programs recognized by the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Registry, please click HERE

The ECE Education Support Fund is open to all students who are studying for an ECE credential, including

  • ECE Basic certificate
  • ECE Post - Basic certificates (Infant & Toddler and/or Special Needs)
  • ECE Diploma
  • ECE Bachelor

**NOTE: Please read the ECE Bursary Policy for information on the program, deadlines and required supporting documentation.

If you have any questions please contact the Bursary Team at [email protected] or contact the office at 604-709-6063.



This program is open to all ECE students enrolled at an accredited ECE post-secondary institution. Students are eligible to receive up to $4,000 in funding per school semester. Click HERE to be directed to the ECE Student Bursary Application.




The ECE Workforce Development Bursary Fund supports ECEs, ECE Assistants and Responsible Adults (as defined in the Child Care Licensing Regulation) currently working directly with children in a licensed child care setting to upgrade or complete ECE credentials. Up to $5,000 per semester is available for, but not limited to, tuition, books, tutoring, travel, professional development and occasional child care costs. This includes the ability to request support for professional development or conference fees, up to $200 per semester.

Certified ECE’s looking for financial support to attend professional development classes or conferences may apply for funding with the Professional Development Application, to access the form click HERE. You do not need to be a student enrolled in a post-secondary institution to apply. These funds are not available for ECE Assistants or Responsible Adults. To learn more about the types of courses covered click HERE.

Click HERE to download the ECE Workforce Development Bursary Application 

Click HERE to download the ECE Workforce Development Bursary Application for Owner/Operators

Click HERE to download the Professional Development Application

ECEBC will notify individuals who have submitted applications if there are any changes.

attach copies of your class schedule and BC residency to the application
for quick processinG

Email completed applications to [email protected]


ECE Education Support Fund
Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the ECE Education Support Fund Application Guide for complete details on eligibility under the two bursary programs.

Can I apply to receive both the ECE Student Bursary and the Workforce Development Fund Bursary?
No, you can not apply for both bursaries at the same time, however you may toggle between the two to best suit your needs.
The Workforce Development Bursary Fund targets ECE Assistants, ECE Professionals, Responsible Adults and Registered License Not Required (RLNR) providers currently working directly with children who wish to advance their ECE education.
The ECE Student Bursary is open to all ECE students attending a recognized ECE post-secondary institution.

I am a Strong Start ECE employee, do I qualify under the ECE Workforce Development Bursary Fund?
Yes, the program has been expanded to include Strong Start Facilitators. This includes access to the Professional Development supports.
I own a licensed child care/RLNR program; do I qualify for funding under the ECE Workforce Development Bursary Fund?
If your facility is licensed under the Child Care Licensing Regulations and you are an ECE,ECE Assistant, or Responsible Adult you may apply for support under the Workforce Development Bursary Fund. Complete the form, being sure to acknowledge that you are the proprietor of the facility and submit to ECEBC for review.
If you operate a RLNR setting, you are eligible under the Workforce Development Bursary Fund, but do not qualify for lost wage support due to practicums. See the ECE Education Support Application Guide for more information. To be redirected click HERE.
Owner/operators and LNRs that are not Registered are also eligible under the ECE Student Bursary program.

What professional developments will the ECE Workforce Development Bursary Fund support?
Professional Development funding is to support Early Childhood Educators who are experiencing barriers to maintain the required professional development hours to ensure their BC ECE credentials.
Click HERE to see relevant courses for reference. Max funding up to $200 per semester.

What documents do I need to submit with the application?
ECEBC requires a copy of your class schedule to verify active enrollment in an ECE program and to determine the amount of funds you qualify for. We also require a copy of your final transcript showing the same classes and final grade.
The programs are only open to residents of BC, therefore ECEBC requires a proof of BC residency. To learn more about this, please read the ECE Education Support Fund Application Guide.

When can I apply for bursaries?
ECEBC understands the fluidity of life, study, balance and is addressing by creating an open application process. To assist you in understanding the timelines that ECEBC uses, please refer to the table below:

Bursary Timetable:




Last Day for Registration

Transcripts Due


January – April

Classes that start and finish within this period will fall under the Winter semester

April 30

May 31

Classes that start within this period, but finish in May - August will fall under the Summer semester




May – August

Classes that start and finish within this period will fall under the Summer semester

August 31

September 30

Classes that start within this period, but finish in September - December will fall under the Fall semester




September – December

Classes that start and finish within this period will fall under the Fall semester

December 31

January 31

Classes that start within this period, but finish in January - April will fall under the Winter semester



Bursaries will not be paid out on an annual basis, students who have registered and paid for their tuition annually may submit applications for bursaries following the Bursary Timetable. Students who register and pay by semester should submit 1 application for the whole semester. Some students may elect to register, pay and complete studies on a course by course basis. Students may apply for a bursary at each time of registration.

Registration for each of the three periods is open until the last day of the final month.

Why is ECEBC asking for more personal information than before?
ECEBC will be paying bursaries directly to students, instead of through the schools, requiring the collection of more information.

  • SIN numbers and date of birth are required to issue T4A’s as required by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Banking information for direct deposit

ECEBC is under agreement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development to operate the program, holding all personal information pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In addition, all ECEBC staff have completed successful criminal record checks.

Do I have to pay for the courses before I can apply for the bursary?
Yes, it is general practice to pay for the courses upon registration, ECEBC will not be processing bursaries without proof of active registration.

How will I know when the bursary funds have been deposited into my account?
You will be sent a letter to your email address notifying you of payment, please allow up to two business days for the funds to transfer.


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