Standing Strong Together


Thank-You To Our Early Childhood Educators!

Published: April 7th, 2020

Violet Jessen (ECEBC Chair) and Emily Gawlick (Executive Director) thank Early Childhood Educators.

Smiling child and ECE outside


ECEBC heartily applauds you - the early childhood educators and childcare workforce - who have demonstrated such professionalism and dedication throughout this pandemic. You have exhibited courage and strength during these challenging and uncertain times.

ECEBC truly hears you - your stories and your struggles - as you have endeavored to make ethical decisions that ensure the health and safety of children, families, educators, and communities during this crisis. Know that we will continue to walk in solidarity with you to plank the curve and support essential workers.

ECEBC reminds you - to tenderly care for yourself and your colleagues, and by extension, all those working in the childcare and education sectors. Relationships are at the heart of our profession. In these unprecedented times, more than ever, we value our sister organizations, government and community partners at both provincial and national levels.

ECEBC strongly encourages you to make your voice heard. Membership matters! Together we have been the voice of ECE in British Columbia for 50 years, proudly promoting the advancement of professionalism in early childhood education and care. Without doubt, COVID-19 has shown us that we need to mobilize as a professional body with a collective voice that advocates for the provision of high quality, safe, and accessible early childhood programs.

ECEBC needs your help to determine next steps. Please respond to “Deepening our Understanding during COVID-19 pandemic” survey.

The Early Childhood Educators of BC envisions a society where early childhood educators thrive in a supportive community that values childhood and education.

Standing Strong Together!

Violet Jessen- ECEBC Chair

Emily Gawlick- ECEBC Executive Director