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Message To Our Colleagues (Mar. 18)

Published: March 18th, 2020

View ECEBC's Letter To Colleagues in response to announcements made on March 18, 2020.

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March 18, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

ECEBC has been overwhelmed and humbled by your support. We hear your concerns and stories: the educators working long shifts without a break so their immunosuppressed colleague can stay home; the manager who supports the single mom who absolutely needs child care because she is still working to put food on the table; the educator who is afraid she will lose her job if she calls in sick; the educator who is sent home early when ratios are low, without a guarantee of being paid fully; the child who is scared of being separated from his school-aged siblings who remain at home. Your experiences are fuelling your Board of Directors as we converse daily and work late into the night. Your voice is our voice, we continue to STAND STRONG TOGETHER.

At the media briefing at 3:00 pm on March 18, 2020, we were relieved to hear that the government is considering funding to support early childhood programs in all our communities, as there is clearly more to be done. The early childhood sector was looking for solid answers or definitive directions, however none were provided. ECEBC’s position has not changed. We are calling on the government to show leadership by suspending child care programs immediately.

The Minister of Health, Honourable Adrian Dix suggested that these extraordinary times call for citizens to exercise their civic responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “We are all in this together to keep each other safe”. In order to enact our civic responsibility during these extraordinary and uncertain times, we have compiled the following questions for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators to consider:

  1. Do you feel confident that you are fully aware of how the COVID-19 virus is transmitted?
  2. Can you guarantee that you will have less than 50 people in the center?
  3. Do you have the appropriate supplies to sanitize every surface (including toys, materials, books etc) immediately after each use by a child or educator?
  4. Do you have the staff and space to isolate a child if they show signs of illness?
  5. Can you ensure that each child will have a minimum of 3-6 feet space between each other (circle, snack, freeplay) and remain apart throughout the day including outdoor playtime?
  6. If your program rotates through a space or uses a public space, can you ensure that the space is adequately and continually sanitized for use?
  7. Worksafe link - Are you familiar with the process/protocol if any of your employees express anxiety about their safety?
  8. Do you have the time and staff to ensure that each child is thoroughly washing their hands according to WHO specifications?
  9. Can you ensure/confirm that the families in your care are practicing social distancing or self-isolation if they have travelled abroad?
  10. Can you guarantee your own health and safety?
  11. Can you ensure that the children in your care understand or are capable of understanding the protocols necessary to ensure their own health and safety and that of their peers?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, we encourage you to take a personal and professional stance that promotes the health, safety and dignity of the children in your care. We believe you have the moral courage to make the best ethical choice.(ECEBC Code of Ethics)

We invite you to continue to share your stories with us in the comments section on ‘ECEBC’s social media.



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Standing Strong Together!

Violet Jessen- ECEBC Chair
Emily Gawlick- ECEBC Executive Directive