Standing Strong Together


Message To Our Colleagues (Mar. 17)

Published: March 17th, 2020

View ECEBC's Letter To Colleagues in response to announcements made on March 17, 2020.

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March 17, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

In response to the announcements today that failed to address the needs of British Columbia's youngest children, ECEBC Board of Directors is asking all early childhood educators to respond to these uncertain times by referring to the ECEBC Code of Ethics as their guide. As professionals working in a province that has been deemed to be in a state of a health emergency, we are required to make difficult, but ethical, decisions that serve the best interests of children and families.

In the absence of government action, moral courage is required. We are deeply aware that many of you have been placed in stressful situations, with limited choices and guidance. In order to protect the health and rights of children, our most vulnerable community members, as well as the state of our health care system, many of you have already taken a stand by choosing to close your childcare centre, write letters to your MLAs, and take other stands of resistance. We want to thank you for your leadership, and we encourage others to speak and act.

We recognize that this is an unprecedented time. We are prepared to work with government to address the childcare needs of essential workers. However, this does not mean that we carry on as usual. As professionals, we do want to work in consultation with government to meet the challenges that are facing our province.

Our priority will always be the health and well-being of children and ECEBC is committed to supporting our early childhood educators. Please follow the link to see ECEBC’s letter to Minister Dix, March 17, 2020.

Standing Strong Together!

Violet Jessen- ECEBC Chair
Emily Gawlick- ECEBC Executive Director