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Message To Our Colleagues: ECEBC Requests An Emergency Plan

Published: March 19th, 2020

View ECEBC's letter to Colleagues dated March 19, 2020

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March 19, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

After this fourth day of news conferences, ECEBC continues to call for the temporary suspension of childcare programs. Early Childhood Educators are looking desperately to the Provincial Government of British Columbia for definitive direction. It is imperative that responsive and ethical policies and procedures are developed during this pandemic.

Although we have been asked to provide early childhood care and education as usual, these are far from usual times. ECEBC urges our government leaders to be transparent in the development of a concrete and comprehensive emergency plan for the childcare sector.

ECEBC has the professional expertise to work in collaborative consultation with the government for the planned provision of emergency solutions for essential service workers. Together we can ensure best practices that are in keeping with our professional code of ethics.

We are asking for the ability to participate in taking preventative measures that have been asked of every other sector. We see the infection rates rising, and Early Childhood Educators want to contribute to ‘planking the curve’ (Dr. Tam, March 19, 2020).

ECEBC: STANDING STRONG TOGETHER for our province, for our communities, for our educators and for our children.

The Early Childhood Educators of BC envisions a society where early childhood educators thrive in a supportive community that values childhood and education.

Violet Jessen- ECEBC Chair
Emily Gawlick- ECEBC Executive Director