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Why brain development matters (online workshop)
ECEBC and Red River College have partnered again to offer this online workshop.

Why brain development matters - February 23 to March 7, 2017

From conception through the first years of life, brain growth and development plays a key role in setting the foundation of lifelong health and well-being. This workshop content gives participants a basic understanding of early brain development in order to plan, implement and advocate for young children and families more effectively. The workshop format provokes participants to reflect on their current practices, to learn from others and to consider new ways to support early development.
Topics include:
• Basic brain growth and sensitive periods in brain development
• How genes and experiences interact and influence development
• How the brain is affected by stress and adversity
• What caregivers can do to support healthy brain development
Participants will watch videos of children around the world, hear from experts explaining the topics, do short readings, play interactive review games and test themselves with online quizzes. Participants will “meet” in online discussions, guided by a facilitator, to hear each other’s ideas, reflect on and apply what they learn. Participants access the content at times that are most convenient for them. Workshop level is intermediate/advanced.

The workshop content (videos, readings, links, games, discussions) is completely online and available to participants over a two-week period. Participants have complete flexibility to work through the materials at times that are most convenient for them. The content is from the Science of Early Child Development (SECD). SECD’s engaging, multimedia resources are used around the world by people who want to learn more about the impact of the early years on lifelong health and wellbeing.

N.B. This is equivalent to a full day workshop for six hours of professional development. Participants should have a reliable internet connection and be comfortable reading and writing in English. Please indicate the email of the person who will be participating in the workshop, not the centre email.

Registration fee: $80.00 for ECEBC Provincial Members. $150.00 for non-members.

For online registration information details visit or

Registration deadline: February 9, 2017
Type:  ECEBC professional development
Region: Online
From: February 23, 2017 - 12:00 am
To: March 17, 2017 - 11:59 pm
Organizer: Christine Buttkus
 604.709.6063 -
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